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About Invicta Concrete Coatings

Invicta Concrete Coatings offers Pittsburgh, PA Home Owners and Businesses Superior Floor Coating Solutions!



Don't let the big name and big game fool you, Invicta Concrete Coatings is a small local family owned business. Our mission as a family and as a business is to deliver the highest quality concrete coated flooring that lasts and builds a "concrete" foundation for your home or business. It's also our mission to coat half of the floors in Pittsburgh, but who's keeping track?


We are building a business to sustain our future. Building flooring options that last and building relationships that are strong, we are ensuring not just the future of your floor, but the future of our families and business.



When you work with us, you’ll be assured that we will do the job as described. We grind every floor thoroughly to achieve an adequate scratch pattern for superior adhesion. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, so we’ll put your needs first. 

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