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Swisstrax's Ribtrax tiles feature an innovative two-tone look and come in 18 colors for unlimited design freedom. Ribtrax's innovative flow-through design, 3/4" height and built-in channeling system hide dirt and grime while keeping your garage floor clean, dry and puddle free.

Swisstrax tiles are resistant to fading, heat, weather and chemicals.


Modular Flooring Systems

Swisstrax floor tiles are designed to last a lifetime because of their high-impact polypropylene copolymer material that is resistant to breaking and corrosion. UV stabilizers prevent fading and the unique perforations allow for drainage. We stand by our products with a limited lifetime warranty and welcome you to start exploring our collection of interlocking floor tiles. Contact our flooring specialists today to answer any questions about the product or buying process.

Easy to Clean... Easy to Maintain.

Thanks to it's 6-point, interlocking design, Swisstrax tiles ensure the most secure connection in the industry. The design also allows for any tile within the system to be easily removed if needed to access the subsurface.

Swisstrax perforations allow debris and liquids to flow through the tile providing you with a clean and dry surface. Be the envy of your neighbors without all the labor.

Innovative connection system allows for tiles to be removed anywhere within the system to access possible spills or leaks. The understructures ¼" channel systems allows debris and liquids to be washed out from under the system when required.


Why Swisstrax

As a brand, Swisstrax prides itself on being Swiss Engineered, American Made and Globally Preferred.  Swiss engineering conveys the idea of precision, well-crafted goods that are long-lasting and durable. We've built a line of unique modular flooring tiles that offer the finest in Swiss engineering, combined with American Made quality. Every day we strive to offer customers the best-in-market solution for interlocking floor tiles, while providing the top class customer service through our Flooring Specialists. Discover more about Swisstrax products and how we got started in the industry.


Create a unique and versatile floor for:

  • Ballrooms

  • Barns

  • Bars

  • Garages

  • Motorcycle Storage

  • Retail

  • Gyms

  • Sporting Events

  • Man Cave

  • Office

  • Airplane Hangers

  • Anything you can image



Vinyltrax Home offers realistic hardwood grains and patterns with legendary Swisstrax performance. Designed for various applications, it’s never been easier to transform your space with a premium, vinyl flooring solution.

Swisstrax Vinyltrax Home tiles are available in 3 different style options that mimic real wood grains and can be combined with other Swisstrax tiles from the Home tile line. This closed profile tile is perfect for dance floors, basements, offices and more.

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